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writing assignment counterbalancing errors as stated in the chapter most accounting 693023

Writing Assignment (Counterbalancing Errors)

As stated in the chapter, most accounting related errors are detected and corrected in the current period. However, some errors may go undetected. Of those that go undetected, some will fix themselves over two periods, while other errors may remain undetected for years. The objective of this writing assignment is to have you think about what it is that is different between those errors that will counterbalance and those that carry over from period to period. In a short memo, identify these differences considering such issues as whether the accounts involved are balance sheet and/or income statement accounts, whether they are current and/or noncurrent accounts, and whether they involve revenue or expense accounts. Finally, provide a systematic method for analyzing an error to determine if it counterbalances or if a journal entry is necessary to correct the books.

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