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why is the trend in u s business away from automatic pay increases and toward increa 645276

  1. What is the balanced scorecard? What perspectives are considered in selecting performance measures for the balanced scorecard, and why is each of these perspectives important?
  2. Why is the trend in U.S. business away from automatic pay increases and toward increased use of incentive compensation plans?
  3. If worker performance measures used in a pay for performance plan are not highly correlated with corporate goals, what is the likely result for the organization? For the workers?
  4. How does the time perspective of a performance based plan affect the selection of performance measures?
  5. Why should different missions for two subunits result in different performance reward structures for the managers of those subunits? How does the mission of an organizational subunit affect the mix of financial and nonfinancial, and short term and long term, rewards?
  6. How can feedback, both positive and negative, be used to improve managerial performance? How is feedback used in a performance based reward system?
  7. Many pay structures involve compensation combining both cash and stock. Why do firms want employees to be holders of the firm’s common stock? What additional performance measurement and reward issues are created when managers are not share holders in the firms they manage?
  8. What are some of the important equity issues in designing reward structures? Why is the achievement of equity in the reward structure important?

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