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What Company Is That?

Many well known products and names come from companies that may be less well known or may be known for other reasons. In some cases, an obscure parent company may have wellknown subsidiaries, and often familiar but diverse products may be produced under common ownership.


a. Viacom is not necessarily a common name easily identified because it operates through numerous subsidiaries, but its brand names are seen every day. What are some of the well known brand names from Viacom’s subsidiaries? What changes occurred in its organizational structure in 2006? Who is Sumner Redstone?

b. ConAgra Foods, Inc., is one of the world’s largest food processors and distributors. Although it produces many products with familiar names, the company’s name generally is not well known. What are some of ConAgra’s brand names?

c. What type of company is Yum! Brands, Inc.? What are some of its well known brands? What is the origin of the company, and what was its previous name?

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