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Each team member is to become an expert on a specific classification of long term investments. This expertise will be used to facilitate other teammates’ understanding of the concepts and procedures relevent to the classification chosen.

1. Each team member must select an area for expertise by choosing one of the following classifications of long term investments.

a. Held to maturity debt securities

b. Available for sale debt and equity securities

c. Equity securities with significant influence

d. Equity securities with controlling influence

2. Learning teams are to disburse and expert teams are to be formed. Expert teams are made up of those who select the same area of expertise. The instructor will identify the location where each expert team will meet.

3. Expert teams will collaborate to develop a presentation based on the following requirements. Students must write the presentation in a format they can show to their learning teams in part (4).

Requirements for Expert Presentation

a. Write a transaction for the acquisition of this type of investment security. The transaction description is to include all necessary data to reflect the chosen classification.

b. Prepare the journal entry to record the acquisition.

[Note: The expert team on equity securities with controlling influence will substitute requirements (d ) and (e) with a discussion of the reporting of these investments.]

c. Identify information necessary to complete the end of period adjustment for this investment.

d. Assuming that this is the only investment owned, prepare any necessary year end entries.

e. Present the relevant balance sheet section(s).

4. Re form learning teams. In rotation, experts are to present to their teams the presentations they developed in part 3. Experts are to encourage and respond to questions.

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