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the table presents our maximum exposure to credit risk from balance sheet and off ba 599115

HSBC Holdings plc (2011)

Report of the Directors [extract]

Maximum exposure to credit risk (Audited) [extract]

The table presents our maximum exposure to credit risk from balance sheet and off-balance sheet financial instruments before taking account of any collateral held or other credit enhancements (unless such enhancements meet accounting offsetting requirements). For financial assets recognised on the balance sheet, the maximum exposure to credit risk equals their carrying amount; for financial guarantees and similar contracts granted, it is the maximum amount that we would have to pay if the guarantees were called upon. For loan commitments and other credit-related commitments that are irrevocable over the life of the respective facilities, it is generally the full amount of the committed facilities.

The loans and advances offset adjustment primarily relates to customer loans and deposits and balances arising from repo and reverse repo transactions. The offset relates to balances where there is a legally enforceable right of offset in the event of counterparty default and where, as a result, there is a net exposure for credit risk management purposes. However, as there is no intention to settle these balances on a net basis under normal circumstances, they do not qualify for net presentation for accounting purposes.

While not considered as offset in the table below, other arrangements including short positions in securities and financial assets held as part of linked insurance/investment contracts where the risk is predominately borne by the policyholder, reduce our maximum exposure to credit risk. In addition, we hold collateral in respect of individual loans and advances (see page 144).

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