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satellite ltd issued 12 10 000 preference shares of rs 10 each the issue was underwr 674579

1. Satellite Ltd., issued 12% 10,000 Preference Shares of Rs.10 each. The issue was underwritten as follows:

Apple 30%, Mango 30%, Orange 20%.

Application for 8,000 shares were received by the company in all. Determine the liability of the respective underwriters.

2. Emess Ltd. issued 40,000 shares which were underwritten as:

P: 24,000 shares Q: 10,000 shares and R: 6,000 shares. The underwriters made applications for firm underwriting as under:

P: 3,200 shares; Q: 1,200 shares; and R: 4,000 shares. The total subscriptions excluding firm underwriting (including marked applications) were 20,000 shares.

The marked applications were P: 4,000 shares; Q: 8,000 shares; and R: 2,000 shares.

Prepare a statement showing the net liability of underwriters.

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