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recorded manufacturing overhead depreciation on plant 10 000 plant insurance 1 300 p 645185

Job order costing journal entries Consider the following transactions for Judy’s Sofas:

a. Incurred and paid Web site expenses, $2,900.

b. Incurred manufacturing wages of $15,000, 60% of which was direct labor and 40%

of which was indirect labor.

c. Purchased materials on account, $24,000.

d. Used in production: direct materials, $9,500; indirect materials, $4,500.

e. Recorded manufacturing overhead: depreciation on plant, $10,000; plant insurance, $1,300; plant property tax, $4,200 (credit Property tax payable).

f. Allocated manufacturing overhead to jobs, 250% of direct labor costs.

g. Completed production, $38,000.

h. Sold inventory on account, $20,000; cost of goods sold, $10,000.

i. Journalized the closing of the manufacturing overhead account.


1. Journalize the transactions in Judy’s general journal.

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