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rbs transport ltd operates a fleet of lorries the records for a lorry reveal the fol 620903

Model: Transport costing performance statement

RBS Transport Ltd operates a fleet of lorries. The records for a lorry reveal the following information for November 2009:

Days maintained


Days operated


Days idle


Total hours operated


Total km covered


Total tonnage 400 (8 tonnes load per trip—return journey empty)

The following further information is made available:

  1. Operating costs for the month:
  2. Diesel, Rs. 1,800; Oil, Rs. 200; Grease, Rs. 100; Wages to driver, Rs. 2,000; Wages to khalasi, Rs. 900
  3. Maintenance costs for the month:

Repairs, Rs. 500; Overhead, Rs. 100; Tyres, Rs. 3,500; Garage charges, Rs. 900

  1. Fixed cost for the month based on the estimates for the year:

Insurance, Rs. 200; Licence, tax, Rs. 100; Interest, Rs. 300; Other overheads, Rs. 400

  1. Capital cost:

Cost of acquisition : Rs. 2,00,000

Residual value at the end of 10 years : Rs. 80,000

You are required to prepare a cost sheet and performance statement showing:

  1. Cost per day maintained
  2. Cost per day operated
  3. Cost per day kilometre
  4. Cost per commercial tonne-km

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