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prepare the federal estate tax return for the estate of teresa flora norman the foll 734736

Prepare the Federal Estate Tax Return for the Estate of Teresa Flora Norman. The following form is needed to complete the return:

Form 706 (and related schedules)

Document Preview:

FACTS Teresa Flora Norman (maiden name of Worsham) died on September 16, 2014 in Houston, Harris County, Texas. She is survived by her husband, Calvin Eugene Norman, two (2) daughters, Renee Annette Norman and Deborah Michelle Norman, and one (1) son, Larry Mitchell Norman, all who are native Houstonians. Teresa was a resident of Houston, Texas and, at the time of her death, was retired. Teresa was most recently employed as an Investment and Financial Planning Counselor with Fortune Investment Services, Inc., an Investment and Financial Planning firm. The assets owned by Teresa (her one half community share of assets (and debts) and her separate property) at the time of her death and their date of death values are as follows: Description Value . Savings Account (In Teresa’s Name Only) $120,000 . Checking Account (In Teresa’s Name Only) 24,000 . Principal Residence 210,000 (Mortgage Debt Of $100,000 To Vady Mortgage Company) . Household Furnishings 50,000 . 92,000 Shares Of Common Stock In Reza ? Corporation $10 Par Value (Cusip Number 69356K 92 5) (Prices Of Stock On September 16, 2014 are as follows: High $76, Low $68 And Close $70) . Second Residence In Plaza Cloud, Wyoming 250,000 (This property is held as “Teresa Flora Norman and Calvin Eugene Norman, joint tenants with right of survivorship”. Teresa paid the total purchase price for the property when it was purchased in 1993. The total date of death value of the property was $500,000) . 2014 Lincoln Navigator Automobile Purchased By 45,000 Calvin in 2014 As An Anniversary Gift To Teresa 1 OTHER INFORMATION 1. Before her marriage to Calvin, Teresa purchased a $500,000 life insurance policy (policy number 82194) on…


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