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prepare an august 31 trial balance for pose for pics begin by opening these t accoun 643311

The following transactions of a new company called Pose for Pics.

Aug. 1 Kasey Madison, the owner, invested $7,500 cash and $32,500 of photography equipment in the company.

2 The company paid $3,000 cash for an insurance policy covering the next 24 months.

5 The company purchased office supplies for $1,400 cash.

20 The company received $2,650 cash in photography fees earned.

31 The company paid $875 cash for August utilities.

prepare an August 31 trial balance for Pose for Pics. Begin by opening these T accounts: Cash; Office Supplies; Prepaid Insurance; Photography Equipment; K. Madison, Capital; Photography Fees Earned; and Utilities Expense. Then, post the general journal entries to these T accounts (which will serve as the ledger), and prepare the trial balance.

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