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Perfect Phrases to Use While Integrating Technology into Your Onboarding Process

The use of technology with orientation and onboarding is growing. More and more technology-based solutions are becoming available in the marketplace, and they vary greatly. Many of these solutions are focused on the “paperwork” of orientation and onboarding by processing the forms needed to get a new employee into the systems and databases of an organization. This is important work and efficient, but it doesn’t get the new hire acclimated or integrated into her role or the organization.

  1. Create a Web-based and branded “landing page” for all new employees that gives them information on what to expect their first day or first week on the job. This page could build from the Careers/Jobs page on company website.
  2. E-mail new employees after the job offer is accepted to stay in touch and send updates, company information, links, etc.
  3. Use social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and mobile device apps) to connect and send messages to new employees during prestart.
  4. Leverage your organization’s intranet to create a new employee or onboarding portal to centralize access to information that is important to them during the first 90 days.
  5. Create a library of onboarding resources (talking points, meeting agendas, articles, etc.) for HR partners and hiring managers to use as they coach their new employees through the onboarding process.
  6. Share onboarding plans via the intranet so that hiring managers or HR partners can share best practices (and don’t have to reinvent the wheel!)
  7. Create Web-based “road maps” for HR partners and hiring managers to follow as they onboard their new hires.
  8. Post onboarding plans on your intranet for new employees to manage.

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