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Noncash Investing and Financing Activities

Combining the following information, compute the total amount of (1) cash flow from investing activities and (2) cash flow from financing activities.

(a) Purchased a building for $120,000.Paid $40,000 and signed a mortgage with the seller for the remaining $80,000.

(b) Executed a debt equity swap: replaced a $67,000 loan by giving the lender shares of common stock worth $67,000 on the date the swap was executed.

(c) Purchased land for $100,000. Signed a note for $35,000 and gave shares of common stock worth $65,000.

(d) Borrowed $56,000 under a long term loan agreement. Used the cash from the loan proceeds as follows: $15,000 for purchase of additional inventory, $30,000 to pay cash dividends, and $11,000 to increase the cash balance.

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