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match the descriptions that follow with the corresponding terms descriptions 607861

Match the descriptions that follow with the corresponding terms. Descriptions:

  1. Inventory system in which goods are manufactured or purchased just as they are needed for sale.
  2. A method of allocating overhead based on each product”s use of activities in making the product.
  3. Systems that are especially important to firms adopting just-in-time inventory methods.
  4. One part of the value chain for a manufacturing company.
  5. The U.S. economy is trending toward this.
  6. A performance-measurement approach that uses both financial and nonfinancial measures, tied to company objectives, to evaluate a company”s operations in an integrated fashion.


(a)Activity-based costing

(b)Balanced scorecard

(c)Total quality management (TQM)

(d)Research and development, and product design

(e)Service industries

(f)Just-in-time (JIT) inventory

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