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marcie is divorced and her married son jamie age 25 and his wife audrey age 18 live 698505

Marcie is divorced, and her married son, Jamie (age 25), and his wife, Audrey (age 18), live with her. During the year, Jamie earned $4,800 from a part time job and filed a joint return with Audrey to recover his withholdings. Audrey reports zero gross income. Marcie can prove that she provided more than 50% of Jamie and Audrey’s support. Marcie does not plan to claim Jamie as a dependent because Jamie earns too much gross income. She does not plan to claim Audrey as a dependent because Audrey signed the joint return with Jamie. In fact, Marcie plans to use single filing status, as none of the persons living in her household qualifies as her dependent. Comment on Marcie’s intentions based on the following assumptions.

a. All parties live in Indiana (a common law state).

b. All parties live in California (a community property state).

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