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leadership sometimes has its own interests at heart with often tragic consequences c 602748

Leadership sometimes has its own interests at heart, with often tragic consequences. Consider the following circumstances and offer your assessment on the impact of leadership, or lack thereof, in the following actions. Consider for a moment, too, what framework the leader had adopted and how that might be different from what others had expected.

a. General McClellan”s preference for parading troops rather than fighting and Lincoln”s response.

b. The Central Intelligence Agency”s view of the Bay of Pigs operation and President Kennedy”s assumption about their input to his decision making.

c. Polaroid”s failure to pursue digital photography and their shareholder expectations.

d. The role of some of Enron”s senior management and the expectations of the workers and shareholders.

e. Trade protectionism and earmarks within the framework of a congressman doing the best for his constituents or for the general welfare.

These are not easy problems and often represent a conflict of the framework or vision and that conflict is part of real world decision making, not the product of a textbook exercise with a neat, precise solution.

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