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in the blank space beside each numbered balance sheet item enter the letter of its b 644782

In the blank space beside each numbered balance sheet item, enter the letter of its balance sheet classification.

If the item should not appear on the balance sheet, enter a Z in the blank.

A. Current assets

B. Long term investments

C. Plant assets

D. Intangible assets

E. Current liabilities

F. Long term liabilities

G. Equity

1. Machinery

2. Prepaid insurance

3. Current portion of long term note payable

4. Interest receivable

5. Rent receivable

6. Land (used in operations)

7. Copyrights

8. Rent revenue

9. Depreciation expense—Trucks

10. Long term investment in stock

11. Office supplies

12. Interest payable

13. Owner, Capital

14. Notes receivable (due in 120 days)

15. Accumulated depreciation—Trucks

16. Salaries payable

17. Commissions earned

18. Income taxes payable

19. Office equipment

20. Notes payable (due in

15 years)

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