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go to the website of a company that has recently emerged from chapter 11 bankruptcy 738119

Go to the website of a company that has recently emerged from Chapter 11 bankruptcy—for example, Dex One Corporation (successor company to R.H. Donnelley Corporation) at www. or General Motors at By doing a search of the website or by looking at areas such as “Investor Relations” or “About Us,” what information can you determine about the bankruptcy plan that was approved?

Then go to the Securities and Exchange Commission website ( and click on “Search for Company Filings” under “Filings & Forms.” Then click on “Company or Fund name” and enter the name of the same company. After you receive a list of filings, click on the most recent 10–K form. What information is available from this source about the bankruptcy reorganization plan?

Finally, if available, go to an online index of business publications or obtain a hard copy index of Th e W al l St r ee t J ournal . Again, search for available information concerning this company’s bankruptcy reorganization plan.

Requi r ed

Based on these searches:

1. What were the main provisions of the bankruptcy reorganization plan that brought the com pany out of Chapter 11?

2. Which of these sources provided the best information?

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