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Franklin County Hospital, a nonprofit hospital, bought and installed a new computer system last year for $150,000. The system is designed to relay information between labs and medical units. Charlene Walker, the hospital’s new computer specialist, had a meeting with Lou Campbell, vice president of finance. She began: “Lou, today I read in a journal that a new computer system has just been introduced. It costs $100,000, but I believe that by replacing our old system, we could reduce operating and maintenance costs that are now being incurred.” The following are Walker’s estimates:

Present System

New System

Purchase and installment price



Useful life when purchased

6 years

5 years

Computer operating costs per year



Computer operating and maintenance



costs per year

Depreciation expenses per year



Cost of capital



a. Based on an analysis, what advice do you recommend that Walker give Campbell?

b. At what price for the new computer system would Campbell be indifferent?

c. Is this a typical make-or-buy decision? Why?

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