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Fill in the blanks with apt word(s)
1.Increasing the share capital by issue of new shares does not require______________ approval.
2.The process of converting the existing shares of lower denomination into shares of higher denomination is known as_______________ .
3.Consolidation of shares will not affect the amount of______________ .
4.In sub-division of shares, _____________ capital does not change.
5.A company can make alteration of share capital if it is authorized by _________________ of the company and by passing an ordinary resolution.
6.A company can convert fully paid shares into ______________ and also reconvert_____________ back into shares.
7.Cancellation of unissued share capital does not amount to ______________ of capital.
8.In external reconstruction, the existing company will be _______________ .
9.Confirmation of the ____________ is necessary for capital reduction.
10.After granting the scheme of capital reduction, the court may order the use of words______________ after the name of the company for a specified period.
11.No journal entry is required for the cancellation of ______________ share capital.
12.Reconstruction A/c (Capital reduction A/c) is used in the scheme of ______________.
13.Any surplus in capital reduction A/c is to be transferred to ______________.
14.If preference dividend is declared, it appears under the head _________________ in the balance sheet.
15.In a scheme of capital reduction, any new liability to be provided for such as arrears of preference dividend has to be met out of ______________.
16.A ____________ balance in P&L A/c represents accumulated losses in the scheme of internal reconstruction.
17.____________ is not required if capital reduction involves the writing off of paid-up capital not represented by available assets.
18.“____________ A/c” is an alternative term for “capital reorganization A/c”.
19.Claim foregone by debenture holders should be transferred to ________________.
20.Any gain on revolution of assets at the time of internal reconstruction will be _________________ to reconstruction A/c.

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