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exploration and evaluation expenditure relates to costs incurred on the exploration 597978

Notes on financial statements[extract]

6. Principal accounting policies[extract]

Exploration and evaluation expenditure

Exploration and evaluation expenditure relates to costs incurred on the exploration and evaluation of potential mineral reserves and resources and includes costs such as exploratory drilling and sample testing and the costs of pre-feasibility studies. Exploration and evaluation expenditure for each area of interest, other than that acquired from the purchase of another mining company, is carried forward as an asset provided that one of the following conditions is met:

– such costs are expected to be recouped in full through successful development and exploration of the area of interest or alternatively, by its sale; or

– exploration and evaluation activities in the area of interest have not yet reached a stage that permits a reasonable assessment of the existence or otherwise of economically recoverable reserves, and active and significant operations in relation to the area are continuing, or planned for the future.

Purchased exploration and evaluation assets are recognised as assets at their cost of acquisition or at fair value if purchased as part of a business combination.

An impairment review is performed, either individually or at the cash-generating unit level, when there are indicators that the carrying amount of the assets may exceed their recoverable amounts. To the extent that this occurs, the excess is fully provided against, in the financial year in which this is determined. Exploration and evaluation assets are reassessed on a regular basis and these costs are carried forward provided that at least one of the conditions outlined above is met.

Expenditure is transferred to mine development assets or capital work in progress once the work completed to date supports the future development of the property and such development receives appropriate approvals.

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