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evaluating internal control strengths and weaknesses in cash receipts and disburseme 727201

Evaluating Internal Control Strengths and Weaknesses in Cash Receipts and Disbursements

The following procedures are used by Complete Wholesale Incorporated.

a. All sales are made on account, with each sale being indicated on a sequentially numbered sales invoice.

b. Customer payments are received in the mail by the office receptionist, who sends the checks= to a cashier for deposit and the remittance advices to the accounting department for recording against the customer’s account balance.

c. The office receptionist is assigned the job of handling all customer complaints.

d. When a customer has a legitimate complaint about goods sold to the customer on account, the receptionist will phone the accounting department to request that the customer’s account be credited for the sales allowance.

e. The company’s inventory is stored in a locked warehouse that is monitored by surveillance cameras.

f. Payments to the company’s suppliers are made only after the supplier’s invoice is received and compared to the receiving report.


1. Indicate whether each procedure represents a strength or weakness. Explain your reasons.

2. For each weakness, describe a change in procedures that would address the weakness.

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