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Evaluate Trade Offs in Return Measurement

Oscar Clemente (Problem 14–33) is still assessing the problem of whether to acquire LSI’s assembly machine. He learns that the new machine could be acquired next year, but if he waits until then, it will cost 15 percent more. The salvage value would still be $500,000. Other costs or revenue estimates would be apportioned on a month by month basis for the time each machine (either the current machine or the machine Oscar is considering) is in use. Fractions of months may be ignored. Ignore taxes.


a. When would Oscar want to purchase the new machine if he waits until next year?

b. What are the costs that must be considered in making this decision?

Problem 14 33: Equipment Replacement and Performance Measures

Oscar Clemente is the manager of Forbes Division of Pitt, Inc., a manufacturer of biotech products. Forbes Division, which has $4 million in assets, manufactures a special testing device. At the beginning of the current year, Forbes invested $5 million in automated equipment for test machine assembly. The division’s expected income statement at the beginning of the year was as follows:

Sales revenue


Operating costs




Fixed (all cash)




New equipment




Division operating profit

$ 3,750,000

A sales representative from LSI Machine Company approached Oscar in October. LSI has for $6.5 million a new assembly machine that offers significant improvements over the equipment Oscar bought at the beginning of the year. The new equipment would expand division output by 10 percent while reducing cash fixed costs by 5 percent. It would be depreciated for accounting purposes over a three year life. Depreciation would be net of the $500,000 salvage value of the new machine. The new equipment meets Pitt’s 20 percent cost of capital criterion. If Oscar purchases the new machine, it must be installed prior to the end of the year. For practical purposes, though, Oscar can ignore depreciation on the new machine because it will not go into operation until the start of the next year.

The old machine, which has no salvage value, must be disposed of to make room for the new machine.

Pitt has a performance evaluation and bonus plan based on ROI. The return includes any losses on disposal of equipment. Investment is computed based on the end of year balance of assets, net book value. Ignore taxes.


a. What is Forbes Division’s ROI if Oscar does not acquire the new machine?

b. What is Forbes Division’s ROI this year if Oscar acquires the new machine?

c. If Oscar acquires the new machine and it operates according to specifications, what ROI is expected for next year?

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