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electric utility water utility and transit authority bonds were all serviced by ente 642115

Statement of Legal Debt Margin. In preparation for a proposed bond sale, the city manager of the City of Appleton requested that you prepare a statement of legal debt margin for the city as of December 31, 2010. You ascertain that the following bond issues are outstanding on that date:

Convention center bonds


Electric utility bonds


General obligation serial bonds


Tax increment bonds


Water utility bonds


Transit authority bonds


You obtain other information that includes the following items:

1. Assessed valuation of real and taxable personal property in the city totaled $240,000,000.

2. The rate of debt limitation applicable to the City of Appleton was 8 percent of total real and taxable personal property valuation.

3. Electric utility, water utility, and transit authority bonds were all serviced by enterprise revenues, but each carries a full faith and credit contingency provision. By law, such self supporting debt is not subject to debt limitation.

4. The convention center bonds and tax increment bonds are subject to debt limitation.

5. The amount of assets segregated for debt retirement at December 31, 2010, is $1,800,000.

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