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during october he recorded a 310 check by debiting salary expense and crediting cash 643773

Preparing a bank reconciliation Brett Knight operates four bowling alleys. He just received the October 31 bank statement from City National Bank, and the statement shows an ending balance of $905. Listed on the statement are an EFT rent collection of $410, a service charge of $10, NSF checks totaling $70, and a $30 charge for printed checks. In reviewing his cash records, Knight identified outstanding checks totaling $450 and a deposit in transit of $1,775. During October, he recorded a $310 check by debiting Salary expense and crediting Cash for $31. His Cash account shows an October 31 balance of $2,209.


1. Prepare the bank reconciliation at October 31.

2. Journalize any transactions required from the bank reconciliation.

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