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describe the it controls that volpner should include when it implements an internet 616192

Volpner Manufacturing Company operates two plants that manufacture shelves and display units for retail stores. To manufacture these items, the purchasing agents purchase raw materials such as steel, aluminum, plastic, lexan, and miscellaneous screws, rubber end caps, bolts, and nuts. Two purchasing agents work at the first, and original, plant location. They do all the purchasing for both plants, which are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Each purchasing agent has a PC that is connected to a company network consisting of a server at the first plant and PCs in both plants. The company has always used mailed purchase orders to purchase items, but they are now considering the installation of an internet EDI system to place purchases.


Describe the IT controls that Volpner should include when it implements an internet EDI system. For each control you suggest, describe the intended purpose of the control.

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