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consider the following dialogue between a systems professional joe pugh and a manage 640801

Consider the following dialogue between a systems professional, Joe Pugh, and a manager of a department targeted for a new information system, Lars Meyer: Pugh: The way to go about the analysis is to first examine the old system, such as reviewing key documents and observing the workers performing their tasks. Then we can determine which aspects are working well and which should be preserved. Meyer: We have been through these types of projects before and what always ends up happening is that we do not get the new system we are promised; we get a modified version of the old system. Pugh: Well, I can assure you that will not happen this time. We just want a thorough understanding of what is working well and what is not. Meyer: I would feel much more comfortable if we first started with a list of our requirements. We should spend some time up front determining exactly what we want the system to do for my department. Then, you systems people can come in and determine what portions to salvage if you wish. Just don’t constrain us to the old system!


a. Obviously these two workers have different views on how the systems analysis phase should be conducted. Comment on whose position you sympathize with the most.

b. What method would you propose they take? Why?

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