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compute the following variances for lindsey company 618837

Lindsey Company manufactures coats with fur-lined hoods. The following information pertains to the standard costs of manufacturing the hood of one coat:

Direct Material

1 yard at $30 per yard

Direct Labor

2 hours at $10 per hour

Variable Overhead

1/2 hour at $2 per hour

Fixed Overhead

1/2 hour at $3 per hour

Other data:

1. Coats produced during June—10,000.

2. 11,000 yards were purchased and used at $29 per yard.

3. Actual direct labor costs were $209,000 for 19,000 hours worked.

4. Normal capacity was 5,500 direct labor hours.

5. Actual variable overhead costs were $9,500.

6. Actual fixed overhead costs were $16,100.


Compute the following variances for Lindsey Company:

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