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Comprehensive Computation of Pension Cost Components

The actuaries for Interconnect Cable Company provided its accountants with the following information related to the company’s pension plan:


(in thousands)

December 31, 2007:


Increase in PBO arising from plan’s amendment                              

$ 684

January 1, 2008:






Fair value of the pension fund                                           


Market related value of the pension fund (5 year weighted average)                


Accrued pension cost                                                 

$ 226

Settlement discount rate                                               


Average service life for amortization of gain and prior service costs               

14 years

Unamortized pension gain—prior year                                     

$ 70

Expected rate of return                                                


For Year 2008:


Benefit payments to retirees                                            

$ 173

Contributions to pension plan                                           


December 31, 2008:




Fair value of pension plan assets                                         


Instructions: Based on the data provided, prepare a pension work sheet for Interconnect Cable Company for 2008. The 5 year weighted average value of plan assets is used in computing the expected return.

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