determine the annual amounts of return for each year you need to meet your objective 627684

You invest $1,000,000 today. You would like to earn 6.5 percent ROI each year for four years and recover $250,000 capital each year. Determine the annual amounts of return for each year you need to meet your objectives. You may find the following form helpful: Cash Flow at End of Year Year Investment Balance at […]

calculate variable cost variances mdash explain results the standards for one case o 639388

Calculate variable cost variances—explain results The standards for one case of liquid weed killer are: Direct materials 3 lbs. @ $ 6.00/lb. Direct labor 1.8 hrs. @ $12.00/hr. Variable overhead (based on machine hours) 0.6 hr. @ $ 3.50/hr. During the week ended August 6, the following activity took place: 2,390 machine hours were worked. […]

laurie vaden is a physician with her own practice she has developed contracts with s 598130

Laurie Vaden is a physician with her own practice. She has developed contracts with several large employers to perform routine exams, fitness-for-duty exams, and initial screening of on-the-job injuries. She provides 100 exams per month, charging $100 per exam. Under this contract, she estimates her avoidable fixed costs attributable to the exams is $1,000 per […]

using a numerical example of your own reconcile this approach with the opportunity c 610125

Calculation of minimum selling price You have received a request from EXE plc to provide a quotation for the manufacture of a specialized piece of equipment. This would be a one-off order, in excess of normal budgeted production. The following cost estimate has already been prepared: (£) Direct materials: Steel 10 m2 at £5.00 per […]

business decisions involve a choice among alternative courses of action in making su 609008

Business decisions involve a choice among alternative courses of action. In making such decisions, management ordinarily considers both financial and nonfinancial information. The process used to identify the financial data that change under alternative courses of action is called incremental analysis. Incremental analysis involves not only identifying relevant revenues and costs, but also determining the […]

compute the net present value of the project 641351

Partida Inc. has provided the following data concerning a proposed investment project: Initial investment $861,000 Annual cash receipts $603,000 Life of the project 5 years Annual cash expenses $332,000 Salvage value $129,000 The company”s tax rate is 30%. For tax purposes, the entire initial investment without any reduction for salvage value will be depreciated over […]

how much income or loss did the company earn 610665

Reconstructing Events from Information in the Accounting Database – Jill Jones has just established a security alarm maintenance service. She charges $20 per hour per person and is paid by check upon completion of the job. Her expenses are rather low— usually only supplies and transportation. Following are the entries to the accounting system that […]

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