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assuming that the company charges 584 18 for the strobl wedding cake what would be t 637621

Thoen Nuptial Bakery makes very elaborate wedding cakes to order. The company has an activity based costing system with three activity cost pools. The activity rate for the Size Related activity cost pool is $0.96 per guest. (The greater the number of guests, the larger the cake.) The activity rate for the Complexity Related cost pool is $54.24 per tier. (Cakes with more tiers are more complex.) Finally, the activity rate for the Order Related activity cost pool is $56.44 per order. (Each wedding involves one order for a cake.) The activity rates include the costs of raw ingredients such as flour, sugar, eggs, and shortening. The activity rates do not include the costs of purchased decorations such as miniature statues and wedding

bells, which are accounted for separately.

Data concerning two recent orders appear below:


Nie Wedding

Strobl Wedding

Number of reception guests



Number of tiers on the cake



Cost of purchased decorations for cake



Assuming that the company charges $584.18 for the Strobl wedding cake, what would be the overall margin on the order?

A) $157.83

B) $101.39

C) $132.70

D) $482.79

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