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Who are we and what we do

Graduatecoursehelp.com is a professional website that specializes in writing academic papers. We offer a variety of writing services including thesis writing, essay writing, research paper writing, and admissions essay writing term paper writing, thesis and dissertations writing, among others. Our services are not only reasonably priced, but they also come with many advantages. You can place an order via the order page by filling in your project details after which you will be asked to pay an amount depending on the various variables that determine the price

Our Mission

Graduatecoursehelp.com is committed to providing students with the best possible writing assistance. We are enthusiastic and love working hard to make sure we met all your writing needs. We focus on offering a professional writing service that supports you to achieve your academic goals quickly and professionally!

Our Team

Our writers form our most valuable asset in providing quality services to our clients. Thus, we take keen consideration in recruiting and hiring our writers. We give the best of our time in the process of hiring writers into our team. The following is the process we follow to hire the writers:

Grammar and writing tests

We test a writer with both writing and grammar abilities. Through the tests, the writers will demonstrate their English level, quality of writing, and ability to avoid plagiarism. If they manage the required score, we invite them to proceed in the next step.

Online interviews

The online interviews are meant for holding a meeting with writers that passed our tests. It helps us to confirm whether they are as good as their resumes show. We  look for people with desirable personal qualities like friendship, flexibility and the ability to handle stress

1-month Probation

Once the writers convince us of their abilities, we finally invite them to join our team. Every writer will start under the supervision of our manager to practice their skills and talents – they learn to communicate with our customers, meeting deadlines and managing heavy workloads effectively, etc.

Classifying the writers

At the end of the probationary period, the authors fall into one of 3 categories: basic, advanced, or top writer. How do we define class? It is based on: years in the writing industry, reviews and stars receiving from writer clients, quality of work delivered, and English level.

Quality of work

To provide the best quality of work, we guarantee the following:

  • 100% Exceptional and Original Content — No plagiarism!
  • Deeply researched evidence to support for all facts, statements, and figures
  • Well cited and reliable research sources
  • Flawless and concise demonstration of information and thoughts
  • Custom-made formatting to meet your precise requirements
  • Error-free writing

Benefits of our academic writing services

We Guarantee 100% satisfaction through

  • Non Plagiarized papers
  • Timely Delivery
  • 24/7 Support Staff
  • Easy-To-Use Online Platform

Do you have an overwhelming workload of writing assignments, we got instant help for you.