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a particular governmental agency takes bids for specific items it utilizes each item 645183

Distinguishing between job order costing and process costing Consider the following incomplete statements.

a. _____ is used by companies that produce small quantities of many different products.

b. Georgia Pacific pulverizes wood into pulp to manufacture cardboard. The company uses a _____ system.

c. To record costs of manufacturing thousands of identical files, the file manufacturer will use a _____ system.

d. Companies that produce large numbers of identical products use _____ systems for product costing.

e. The computer repair service that visits your home and repairs your computer uses a _____ system.

f. Apple assembles electronic parts and software to manufacture millions of iPods. Apple uses a ___________ system.

g. Textbook publishers produce titles of a particular book in batches. Textbook publishers use a __________ system.

h. A company that bottles milk into one gallon containers uses a ________ system.

A company that makes large quantities of one type of tankless hot water heater uses a __________ system.

i. A particular governmental agency takes bids for specific items it utilizes. Each item requires a separate bid. The agency uses a ___________ system.


1. Complete each of the statements with the term job order costing or the term process costing.

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